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What is a Video Business Card

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

VBC: What is a video business card and why every business should have a VBC

A step-by-step formula to make the best video business card.

Have you ever struggled with visitors to your website or social media page, and do not understand who you are or what you can do for them? A video business card can do just that and in a very fast way. The best part is video business cards or VBCs as they are called do not have to be complicated or expensive to make.

Video Business Cards Don't Have to be Complicated, but they should have a few key ingredients

What should be included in your video business card

If you follow this very simple roadmap, making your custom video business card will be very easy and straightforward. The key is to keep it short and simple. A video business card should never be longer than 90 seconds. 30 seconds to 1 minute is ideal. Here less is more!

Who Are You?

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised at how many videos there are, that doesn't state who is on camera. So at some point towards the front of the video, state who you are. This can be done with a graphic or by actually stating the name (and your title if needed) of who you are. It is also a good practice to mention what authority you have in the industry or company.

What Do You Do?

Be sure to state exactly what it is that you or your business does for the customer or viewer. Be specific and keep it short and to the point. Make sure that this statement answers the "problem" statement.

What Problem Do You Solve?

The only reason someone is on your site or social media is that there is some kind of a problem that they have. That "problem" could be they need information about something, or want to get ahead in life in some way. Be sure to state that problem! You can even start with the problem!

How Do You Fix That Problem?

Keep this simple and to the point. Do not use insider language here! One or two sentences is all you need. You can show or tell a three-step process to help the viewer understand how to work with you.

A call to Action

Give the viewer the next step. Make a clear call to action, like schedule an appointment by clicking below. Or call us today to get started.

Bonus: Tell or Show Them What Life Will Be Like After Working With You

For a great bonus, tell or show the viewer what their lives will be like after working with your product or service. Never assume they know! When we state a problem, our subconscious mind wants to know how that problem will be resolved. This helps our viewers also trust that you can fix the problem.

Maximize Your Video Business Card

Try different orders of things. In marketing, ad agencies always do test groups. There is no reason why you should be any different. Have a version that starts with the problem. Another version begins with how great their life will be like after using your product or service, another with starting with your company information. See how your target customers respond to these videos so you can get the most ROI out of your video business card.

Should You Hire Someone to Make Your Video Business Card?

While these videos are not hard to make. We have found that clients have a hard time in these areas:

  • Writing a persuasive script

  • Capturing great audio that can be easily understood

  • Adding graphics to help better communicate your business

  • Lighting for the video that looks most pleasing to the eye and allows whoever is on camera to look their best

  • Capturing additional footage to help better "tell your story" and keep the viewer engaged

  • Editing different versions of the video to get the best ROI

White Lens Productions can come alongside you to produce an amazing video business card. We have over 20 years of experience and the knowledge and know-how to efficiently and professionally produce a video business card that can

White Lens Productions serves Austin, TX, Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Pflugerville. Contact us today to find out how to get started making your video business card and watch your company grow.


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