Behind-the-Scenes of corporate marketing videos

Want to know what to expect on a White Lens Productions video shoot?  Take a look at some of our behind-the-scenes pictures and videos. 

Long form commercials

a BTS we "smoked" the room to give it some atmosphere. Full crew working for "Teen vs Alarm"

Out in the field

DP Jerry White shooting a reality TV show on location

Dirty Jobs

We never know where this job will take us. Sometimes the cameras have to get dirty to capture the story.


Hired Jerry White as a DP for Shepard Smith interview

On Location

BTS of a fast moving reality TV show Holy Smoked

In the Studio

In the studio and our portable green screen.

We can take the action to you

Live streaming with a green screen at clients facilities.

DJI Mavic drone

We have a variety of drones for your video

Corporate video interviews

Using two cameras, a camera slider and a teleprompter for our clients to ensure a professional video.

Getting ready for delivery of lines

Need to make a training video? We've got you covered.

Special effects to share your ideas

We made lasers in an office for a great video.

Making videos should be fun

If you are not having fun while shooting the video, something is wrong.

Let's get that shot

no matter the shot, we will get it.

Green screen work to get the shot right

Special effects with green screens to make sure it's believable.

Getting the lights just right

Our crew setting the shot in a house on location

Lights, Camera, Action

Getting the right look, behind the scenes of a statewide video

We work with actors

Having our actors comfortable and relaxed is the key to a great performance

Drones and Aerial footage

We utilize drones of all kinds for your video.

Getting the right shot

setting the shot for us to roll camera

Setting levels

Getting levels. Our crew making sure audio and video levels are correct.

We take it with us

No matter where in the country, we and will deliver.

Cramped quarters but fun

we squeezed into this door way because we loved the background.

We do lots of interviews

for a docu-series we are interviewing subject to tell her story

Multi Camera live streaming

Need live streaming. Our crew can come to your location, and even provide multi camera live and IMAG

Truly in any location

We will set up for your video in any condition, location and weather

Add it to your car

we have car mounting devices that will really allow for professional production


We love fiction! And we do funny!

No surprises

We always provide a client monitor. We know you dont want unexpected surprises, this is why we always provide a client monitor so you know exactly what the shot will look like.

WLP interviews

A simple interview setup for a client

Tell us about your company

Want to talk about your company? We come to you, to your office. This interview was conducted under an hour.

Professional Cameras

We use all types of cameras, from full production cameras to DSLRs

On locaton

Great interviews on location.

All types of interviews and people

Documentary interviews of all kinds

Black out interviews

using harder lights, to make the background disappear.

Mission statements

Here we used a dolly that moved nearly 120 degrees around our talent.


Have a non-profit? We can make videos for you as well. Just because it's a non-profit, we give it all we can.

Working with all types of talent

yes that is the one and only Nolan Ryan.

Out side conditions? That's ok

We have the grip gear to ensure the shot will be perfect. No matter the time of day.

On location

We take our crew and gear to your location

Using our telescope interview system

Our telescope interview system allows our interview subjects to look directly into the camera lens, while actually "seeing" our producer who is asking the questions.

We love working with our civil servants

Outside shots to get it done.

Our production Truck

We own our own 5 ton production truck filled with with all the gear needed for any size video.

Interviews at homes

We bring our production to your home for client testimonies.

White Lens Productions' equipment helps us to tell your story better!