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Aerial Video and Aerial Photography

Aieral Video Professional

White Lens Productions will take your aerial photos and videos to new HEIGHTS!

Aerial video and aerial photography have become a staple for marketing and commercial applications in recent years.  White Lens Productions offers drone and sUAS aerial services for Austin and Central Texas.

  • Real Estate Drone Photography and Videography

  • Aerial Inspections

  • Replacement for expensive cranes both inside and outside for unique video shots

  • When you just need your video to "pop" and get noticed


We pride ourselves on providing safe, professional, and breathtaking aerial video solutions.

Dart Drones - Jerry White - White Lens productions

Not only do we fly our drones for commercial photography and videography for our clients all across the United States, but Jerry White also instructs, consults, and speaks on behalf of DARTDRONES, the nation's largest and most trusted drone training experts.

When it comes to drones, White Lens Productions truly is above the rest.

White Lens Productions has the right drone for the job

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