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Video Marketing Ideas for Your Business - Which Type of Video Should You Use?

Using video to promote your business is vital, but do you know there are several types you should consider?

Video marketing for business

Ready to harness the power of video marketing in your business to propel your brand forward, enhance your marketing efforts, or revolutionize internal communications and sales? Fantastic! But where do you start?

In today's business landscape, video marketing is the ultimate tool for engaging and converting potential audiences into loyal clients. Yet, beyond nailing the audio and perfecting the lighting, what else should you consider to ensure your videos captivate your audience?

Let's break it down into three essential types of videos that can elevate your business:

educate yoru audience is a great way to gain attention
  1. Educational Videos: Become the go-to authority in your field by providing valuable educational content to your audience. We like to call this "adding reciprocity." By offering insightful knowledge, you establish trust and credibility, paving the way for future interactions. Remember the age-old marketing adage: Know, Like, Trust, Buy, Repeat. 2. Customer Problem-Focused Videos: Address your audience's pain points head-on. Acknowledge their challenges, empathize with their struggles, and offer tangible solutions. You build a deeper connection with your viewers by demonstrating your understanding and providing a roadmap to resolution. Afterall, they are usually looking for someone to solve a problem for them.

Talking about your customers problems is the hook to getting them to pay attention

3. Aspirational Identity-Focused Videos: Paint a compelling picture of the transformative impact your brand can have on your audience's lives. Show them the possibilities and inspire them to envision a brighter future with your company. Everyone craves progress and improvement—tap into that desire to drive engagement.

While you could create a myriad of video content, we've found these three categories to be particularly effective in capturing and retaining audience attention.

It's crucial to approach each video from the customer's perspectiveit's not about your company per se. Your goal should be to educate, empathize, and ultimately guide your audience toward achieving their goals, with your brand as the facilitator.

Remember, the ultimate aim of your videos in your business is to propel your audience along their journey towards a specific goal, whether it's making a purchase or engaging with your brand. Keep your focus squarely on what your customers want to achieve—a win for them is a win for you.

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To maximize your return on your video marketing for your business, consider creating at least one video for each category. Need some inspiration? Here are a few examples:

Educational Video Examples:

  • Pre-school: Top 5 skills to prepare your child for kindergarten success.

  • Roofing Contractor: Every homeowner should know the signs of roof damage.

  • Furniture Store: How to differentiate between high-quality and low-quality furniture.

Problem-Focused Video Examples:

  • B2B Construction Company: The hidden costs of construction delays and why a single vertical solution is the answer.

  • Dental Office: Overcoming dental anxiety: Your path to pain-free dental care.

  • Religious Organization: Finding fulfillment and community in your life's journey.

Aspirational Focused Video Examples:

  • Clothing Store: Command attention and exude confidence with our latest fashion collection.

  • Weight Loss: Achieve your dream body in just three months—get ready for beach season!

  • Sales System: Visualize a full inbox of qualified leads waiting for you to close the deal.

These examples only scratch the surface of the creative possibilities in video marketing ideas in business. At White Lens Productions, we specialize in pushing the boundaries of traditional video content to help you stand out in the crowd.

Free ebook for video production

Ready to learn more about producing your own video? Be sure to download our free guide.

If you're a business or organization in Central Texas seeking to expand your reach and drive growth, let's join forces! Reach out to us today, and let's embark on this exciting journey together.

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