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Video Business Card 

It's more than just another video. It's like having a one-on-one conversation with your audience. 

A video business card is the simplest way for customers to quickly engage with you and answers these simple questions.

  1. Who you are

  2. What you do

  3. How you can help them solve a problem

  4. Next steps

This is our Video Business Card

Because Business is Personal

Attract your ideal client

Promotes your business or organization in a way that speaks directly to your ideal audience and in a way they actually will respond towards.

Build a connection

Your audience will truly know the "why" and "how" you do business. This immediately builds trust. It's like having a one on one meeting with your audience.



When people understand how you work, it is easier for them to see themselves actually working with you. 

Video Business card is the best way to tell your audience what you do and how you can help them. White Lens Producitons

A Video Business Card is like having a one-on-one conversation with your perfect audience. Your video will not only "tell" about you, but will also "show" what it is like to work with you.  

This increases audience engagement and is scalable for any size organization. 

Don't Just Take Our Word for it

Many of the greatest marketing brains and companies have figured out that the "WHY" from a customer's point of view creates a connection that is more powerful than just the "what" you do.  Most businesses focus on the "what", and while that is important - we must always 


Video Business Card from White Lens Productions helps companies answer their why
A turnkey Solution

Our Video Business Card bundle includes:

  •  Deep dive strategy session to learn about your business or organization, as well as to understand your ideal customer

  • On camera interview focused on key points of your message and your customer connection points

  • Professional footage gathered geared towards your unique business and your processes in a way that connects to your audience

  • Video edited together in a conversational style delivered to you in days not weeks

  • a "next steps" kit that includes a thumbnail of the video, subtitles of audio, versions ideal for Facebook and websites as well as a description to help SEO

Starting at $1,835

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