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Is your video or marketing missing this KEY piece?

Want to truly engage your viewers . . . start with the PROBLEM you solve for them.

Isn't it frustrating and costly to produce a video or marketing collateral just to have it ignored? We understand your pain and want to make sure that never happens again to you.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, let's say at a dinner party or social event, and you ask them, " so what do you do for a living?" and they start with, "well, it's pretty complicated . . . I am part of a large company that invests in international somethings so that telecommunication conglomerates can bypass the . .blah blah blah!"

They lost you! Right? You don't even care! You are praying that the need for a bathroom break or your spouse will come and rescue you from this conversation will happen sooner rather than later. Why is this? And heaven forbid your company videos or marketing collateral does the same thing to your targeted customers. They can't wait for someone or something to pull them away from you! THEY DON'T CARE!

Well, there is one surefire way to stop this dead in its tracks, and I'm going to let you in on a great marketing secret.


When we start with our customer's problems that WE can solve for them, we invite them into a story. And when we invite someone into a story, we have their undivided attention.

So let's take this back a bit - Back to the dinner party. You walk up, meet a person, and ask, "So what do you do?" And their response, "You know how in parts of the city when you're on your cell phone and the signal goes out. It's not only a headache while trying to talk with someone, but it can also be dangerous. Our public safety can be at risk because first responders rely on the same technology to communicate and respond to calls. Well, our company's mission is to have 98% cell coverage in every city by 2025, and we have a new and advanced way to deliver this at a less cost and more effectively than our nearest competitor."

HOLY COW!!! The first thing you want to say after that is . . . "WELL TELL ME MORE!" Isn't that what we want our customers to say when they first learn about our company, read a website text, watch a video, or even how we interact with them? What's the difference - well, we started with the problem. In fact, not only did we state the problem, we showed empathy for how the problem made our listener feel.

Notice during the example, we talked about our company in the context of the problem - we didn't talk about how long the company has been around, who the board members are, or even where the company is located. Why? Because no one cares at this point of the relationship. Maybe later, when the relationship has made it to the logical point to understand more about those details, but not now.

This is the #1 issue with businesses and organizations across the spectrum. They feel that people care WHO they are. Guess what, no one cares (at least at first). If I have a plumbing leak and my upstairs bathroom is filling up with water, and I google your business - do I care that the company was started in 1907 and that you have 23.2 employees and that you like dogs? NO! I care that you can stop my plumbing leak RIGHT NOW and that you UNDERSTAND that I feel literally like I'm "drowning" in stress and anxiety, and if you come to my house, you are not going to give my wife and daughter the creeps when you look at them! Am I right or wrong here?

Start with the problem - repeat the problem and respond with empathy that you know how that problem affects and makes your customers feel - be sure to demonstrate that you can fix that problem.

By the way - did you notice what our title was all about? How we caught your attention by stating a problem?

At White Lens Productions, we walk our clients through our framework to ensure that the video we produce will gain the most ROI and communicate the best to your targeted customers or audience. When bombarded with so many ads and marketing material fighting for our attention, having a focused marketing partner is vital for a successful marketing campaign.

If you'd like to learn how we can help guide you through your video story, contact us at or


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